About the name…

When I bought MyNumberOne.se, he did not have a name in his passport. I got the huge privilege to give him a name.

I decided to give him the nickname “Uno”.
I have a dog called Bruno, another horse called Bruno 2.0 so one more Bruno should be complicated. Uno became his daily name.

I have always wanted to have a horse named as a web page, so that was something to start with.
I also wanted to give him a name with My in it. That is to honor my very best friend My. She is my strength and she always gives me useful advices when needed.

The importance of a name which makes me feel strong and happy when I hear it in the speaker while entering the show arena is big. The name has to give me extra force.

I started to ask my friends on Facebook about names. After a while, Dorothea came up with the brilliant name “My Number One”. I was in a hurry to see if I could buy the website address – and I could!

My dear friend My ❤ is no longer with us. Nothing can cover the empty space she left. I often think of how she would have helped me with Uno. She is still an important part of his education.

…and that is the story about Unos name, MyNumberOne.se!