Children SM

Tilda Elmevik (14y)⭐ and (9y) ⭐ went to Strömsholm and did a great job at the Swedish Mastership even if it did not gave them a ribbon this time.

Uno in the final

Uno was the horse in Students Swedish Masterships final. Three students rode him in the final and he was so good all the time! It is fun because I was allowed to make him look pretty. He did not care about the flag, he just did his work ❤️. Photo: Jonna Mattsson

Uno + Tilda = Childrens class

Tilda Elmevik has borrowed Uno for competing in Childrens class during this year. Tilda is 14 years old and she has just been riding her own ponies before. Riding a tall horse is new for her. Uno is a perfekt trainer, as friendly as he is.

In April they did four Childrens classes and they actually were the winner of one (!) and also made the qualification of the Swedish Mastership in June – SM!

Great rider – Great horse ❤️❤️